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Posted by BritishMoose - August 17th, 2009

New Cartoon

Check out my latest animation. Inspired by real events.

Back on the Scene

Posted by BritishMoose - March 19th, 2008


As a result of my latest cartoon (watch it here), I have done some research into nasal bleeding.

Fact of the matter is that Nosebleeds are prevalent amongst teenagers (and some adults too!) far and wide. Nosebleeds account for 0.001% of deaths in the US. In order to get rid of this social evil you have to


Damn Waps.


Posted by BritishMoose - December 26th, 2007

Webcamoose! Success!

I'm completely chuffed with the response to my latest submission: Webcamoose! I'd never worked with video in flash prior to the project and the experiment's proved to be very rewarding (my first Daily feature and Weekly awards!)

I'd like to delve a bit further into the medium, but certainly not at the moment. Webcam animations will surely become more a mainstream practise after Allen Awesome's My Newgrounds (which did rock my socks) but I did sorta like how exclusive webcam/flash cartoons were.

My next project will be to finally get a website up and running. I'm also trying to work on character animation as well as taking my first steps into programming a game by myself! Ought to be fun, no?

Posted by BritishMoose - September 28th, 2007


I started University on Monday. I'm studying Japanese at SOAS. It's not that great (despite the university being very prestigious).


As a result of Uni, I haven't had a chance to work on any flash projects. My current flash projects include:

Rocketstar (40% complete)
Nuclear Freddy 3 (20% complete)
Cannonman (90% complete)
Introducing: The Baron (75% complete)


My iBook has been taken away to be fixed. It's going to cost around £300. Shit.

New Art Thread

When I get the chance, I'll be posting various arts in my new art thread. Check it out. Leave a comment.

Posted by BritishMoose - August 30th, 2007

Nuclear Freddy 2 wins award and showcased on the Front Page!

Thanks very much to the viewers who awarded me Daily Second. After trying for a solo award many times, it really means a lot to me. This is also my first solo animation to be showcased on the Newgrounds front page. This has all made me very excited as to the direction Nuclear Freddy is taking. Thank you Newgrounds!

Nuclear Freddy's Future

Yes, Nuclear Freddy will be starring in a sequel which will be the second of a further six more episodes (all focusing on a single storyline) and will all be fully voiced! Though progress is slow at the moment as I search for Voice Actors and Actresses.

Nuclear Freddy is quite an epic-undertaking for me as I've never started a series, but I hope it will be received well by Newgrounds. I'm also planning a couple of non-story-related cartoons involving Nuclear Freddy for when I just have an urge to animate, which will be much like the first: Random. I'm also gonna try and secure a website for him after a couple more episodes.

Big thanks to the viewers and (mostly) the reviewers, who're leading me to expanding the project - I'm very excited about the direction its taking!

Here's some concept art:

Nuclear Freddy 2

Posted by BritishMoose - August 21st, 2007

Nuclear Freddy

I told my brother I would animate him. He didn't think I would. Here's the result: Nuclear Freddy!

I started the project two days ago with the goal of finishing it by today (Wednesday). Nuclear Freddy was a great way for me to rekindle my love of animating - it's bananas.

Here are some statistics:
o 30 FPS;
o 1034 frames;
o 6 layers;
o Total of 12 hours work;
o 546 kb.

The art was inspired by
Leafworthy's work, The Story of Khale.

New Submission!

Posted by BritishMoose - July 23rd, 2007


This game is the second in a series of sims, which I am making with the ever-charming Chaz. Check out the gameplay demo here on youtube (leave a comment!) as well as the first in the series: Snowstar.

All comments are welcome :)