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Mad Vlad II: Revamped Mad Vlad II: Revamped

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I've always thought of you as more a coder than an artist. Needless to say, when you create something like this (a beautiful and expansive game containing quite a interesting sense of humour) I naturally feel a little scared... You're a triple-threat!

The only qualm that I had with the controls was that using 'a' for jump didn't feel very intuitive. Maybe you could've used the space bar instead?

Your backgrounds were a joy to behold! The somewhat saturated colours really added mood to the proceedings along with the music, setting the scene perfectly for your comedic, anachronism-packed romp.

Story-wise, the way in which the absurd was dealt with in such a serious and stern manner was fantastic. The story, which was portrayed superbly through well-placed cut scenes, was certainly a laugh.

Very well done with this game, Paranoia, I thoroughly enjoyed playing it. Work a bit on your characters (they looked a little cut-out/static at some points) and soon you'll be not only a phenomenal coder, but a truly awesome artist.


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Paranoia responds:

Hehe, I thought someone would pick up on the cardboard cut-outs sooner :P When you're as slow with the mouse as me and you're limiting yourself to a morning per cut-scene, you don't really have much room in terms of animation. Maybe when I'm making something shorter :)

Lemon Smash Lemon Smash

Rated 5 / 5 stars


You sure this game isn't BITTER?


You know I love this game: simple and addictive, but very well presented.

5'd and <3'd

Coaly responds:

haha I can't believe I missed your review, I'm sorry, <3, thank a lot

Escape from CampHostility Escape from CampHostility

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


I wouldn't go so far as to call it an interactive movie...more a short game with cutscenes.

I found the first level to be EXTREMELY difficult - I have the reactions of a lemon. Maybe you could combat this by incorporating a a "pussy" mode, where everything's slower which you unlock after failing lots of times on "easy mode".
The second level was much easier - didn't die once! But I did expect more. It musta been a squeeze with all the work oou both do, but more (varied) levels would have made this game amazing.

It does have amazing graphics and all there were no apparent flaws in the AS, so it functioned perfectly.

It's good fun for 10 minutes (or 15 if you die the ammount of times I did) but I wasn't left with a fuzzy feeling inside on completing it. Never-the-less, I'd recommend giving it a shot :D

Ragdoll Avoider Ragdoll Avoider

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Pretty cool

I can appreciate how difficult this must have been to code, but I found the movement of the Stick Figure to be far too sensitive - he'd go crazy at just the slightest touch of the mouse. I would recommend that you look into this in future ragdoll-physics games.

Other than that it was solid - a nice array of game types all suitably different.

Sound effects would have been nice.

Good job, hope to see more from you soon ^^

Cereus Peashy Cereus Peashy

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Graphics or gameplay?

The style of this game is awesome. The colours are brilliant as is the character animation. Despite this, I can't help but think that the quality of the game should be compensated for graphics. This is a major mistake. It seemed to me like you had a blur filter on the background and I would strongly advise that you remove it. This game was horribley laggy and, to be honest, not fun as a result. Please reconsider where the priorities of a game lie.

.:Waves:. v2 .:Waves:. v2

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


The graphics were pretty simplistic and functional, but the style supported and advanced them. The style you used was consistent and extremely good - the style of this game is, for me, the highlight.
The music was inkeeping with the style and very good for the theme.
The concept of the game was pretty funny - move a boat around to avoid vomiting.

Overall it's a nifty little game. I enjoyed watching it more than playing it, as I couldn't use the controls at all, but it's still a fun way to spend 10 minutes.

Willy The Whale Willy The Whale

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Average graphics.

Not a bad style, not particulatly innovative though.

Great sound! Very nice song!

Mild violence.

Not much to interact with...The player was extremely limited with what they could do.

Not funny.

Overall you get a fantabulous five! This is an extremely average game. I think it would have been more fun as a side scroller...

Not amazing, not terrible. 3/5

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Lights Out: The Darkening Lights Out: The Darkening

Rated 3 / 5 stars

'The Darkening' made me think of action...

Not much to say about graphics, they were perfectly functional but not mind-blowing.

Likewise could be said about the style.

I liked the music - despite it being elevator-like, it was pretty good. Maybe you should have had a choice between three tracks.

I gave ten for interactivity, as it's such a novel concept. The gameplay was easy to grasp. Maybe you should have been able to get hints on every move.

Overall I gave this six out of ten. This is because the gameplay can't pull the game by itself. The graphics and style of the game were passable and it's a hard concept to do. If I had designed the game, I would have had it so that the board of the game was a building and as you complete each puzzle, you move to a different building. Something like that.

I can't constructively criticise much, as it's only the graphics and style which brought it down.

4/5 for the gameplay, but 6/10 for the review (because of graphics).

Looking forward to more games, hope this was of some use.

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X-Treme Tugboating X-Treme Tugboating

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very nice.

I think it was the gratuitous use of the word 'Extreme' (Xtreme) which won me over :)

Anyways, graphics: 7. They were nice to look at, bright and colourful. Really attractive, but quite simple in design.

Style: 8. The style of this was brilliant. The way the physics worked and how everything moved was, really, quite specatcular. My only gripe was that there wasn't much animation - you lost 2 marks for that.

The sound was near flawless. Great feel-good muzik (yes, muzik) in the background and appropriate sound effects wherever they were needed. They got a bit repetitive.

No violence.

Interactivity, that's always a hard one with games. You had a menu which was set out nicely and all that, but the actual content of the game was limited. All you do is press two keys (to my knowledge). For a game, that's quite a small ammount of control. However, the gameplay was nice and easy to pick-up, so you get a 6 here.

Not much humour, really - But it will definately make you smile.

Overall you get a very high 8/10. This game is really entertaining - I couldn't find much wrong with it at all and I really enjoyed playing it.
Excellent game, well done.

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NSG004: Pico Jr. Jr. 0.6 NSG004: Pico Jr. Jr. 0.6

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Gotta love the techno beats.

This was quite a fun game - I kept getting killed, but I kept replaying it. Well done on making it a compelling game.

The graphics were very normal. Nothing mind-blowing, but pretty enough and certainly watchable. I haven't seen any of your othersubmissions, so I don't know what you're capable of, but from this game I'd say: Work on the graphics a bit.

Style was great. All the animations seemed fluid and the "game over" screens, drawn in...what looked like coloured crayon (?) were something new and.

Violence: Five. Not a little, not a lot. Usually I'd applaud this, but given that it's a Pico game (and the nature of Pico is that he's a badass killer) I would have added more blood, etc.

Interactivity. Hmmn, this was an odd one. The game itself was simple enough (being able to pick up bodies as cover was a nice idea) but there seemed to be little to actually do other than keep clicking the mouse button. I only gave you a 6 because it seemed that there wasn't much for me to do, I don't know if there were power-ups or alternate weapons (I didn't do too well at the game >.<).

Humour: Nill. It's not meant to be funny, so bleh.

Overall you get a seven. This is a pleasant game, took me a while to get to grips with the gameplay. Having not played it in a hardcore manner, I don't know what else this game had to offer. However, if I did manage to see all the game's features then I'd deffinately work on those for future submissions.

It was fun, but limited. I'm sure the deadline didn't help much :)

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Bezman responds:

Thanks for the great review.

Disappointed you didn't like the gfx more. If it's mainly because of the in-game bg, that's understandable. That was a place-holder. But I don't know what you disliked about the gfx so it's a bit hard to work on that...

Game-over screens are pencil (oil-based) then watercolour. So is the bg.

It's my first violent thing. I don't want to make violence a regular theme in my submissions, but fancied trying this idea. I'm gonna put in effect for every shot you fire for the final thing, which we'll do over summer.

Yeah, you technically don't need to do anything other than move and fire, making sure to block enemy fire with your own. Controls are simple but I think there's enough complexity in the enemy attacks.

Did you get past the first level? There's 4 types of enemies - standard, jumpers, homers and the heavies.

Final game will have 3 guns - you kinda get stronger.

Final game will have difficulty levels. You should be able to complete it on the easiest.

I think the final verion might be totally to your satisfaction.

My review of your review:

constructive criticism/suggestions: 9
exposition of experience: 6
praise/encouragement: 9

clarity of expression: 9
elaboration & being specific: 7
coverage (how much): 8

overall: 9

I'd like to know what about the gfx you don't like. Like be slightly more specific. If you could e-mail me and let me know, that'd be awesome.

Cheers again for the thoughtful, thorough review.